Materials Testing

Construction Materials Testing

Construction Materials Testing services offered by Frost GeoSciences, including the analysis of the engineering and physical properties of construction materials and manufactured products, may greatly diminish the probability for issues that may arise during construction. Frost GeoSciences may also assist in studies of faulty or damaged structural materials, products or elements. Destructive and non-destructive testing programs may be employed to derive this valuable information.

  • Evaluation of materials, products, or structural elements
  • Assessment or evaluation of foundation and structure distress

The physical and engineering properties of natural materials, man-made mixtures and products can be tested in our laboratory. Tests that may be performed include:

  • Soil-additive (cement, fly ash, lime) mix designs
  • Mechanical sieve analysis
  • Absorption and specific gravity of aggregates
  • Compressive strength testing of concrete cores obtained from hardened concrete and field molded cylinders
  • Moisture-density relationship for soils, base materials, and soil-additive mixtures
  • Specific gravity, and maximum theoretical density (Rice method), and field density of asphalt
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Third party review

Our trained engineering technicians perform laboratory tests on these with our own equipment under the direction of a licensed professional engineer.

Frost GeoSciences is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and Emerging Small Business Enterprise (ESBE), registered with the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency.

Observation and Testing

Observation and TestingFrost GeoSciences offers a full array of field observation and testing services related to soils, concrete, asphalt, structural steel and foundations during the construction phase of a project. This aids in lessening the possibility for issues that may arise with materials, products, or procedures during construction.

As required, or when project size warrants, our engineers perform field observation and testing services. On other projects, field observation and testing services are accomplished by our experienced engineering technicians. All field services are performed under the direction of a licensed professional engineer, using our own equipment, which is maintained regularly and calibrated annually by independent certifying agencies.

Construction Materials Engineering Services provided by Frost GeoSciences include:

  • Sampling of soils and aggregates for laboratory analysis of physical and engineering properties
  • Coring of in-place compacted asphalt or hardened concrete to evaluate their basic ingredients, properties, and overall integrity
  • In-place density tests during earthwork activities to measure compaction of subgrades, fill zones, and backfill along walls – – and trenches
  • Sampling of fresh concrete during concrete pours to measure its temperature, slump, air content, and unit weight, and mold standard size cylinders for laboratory compressive strength tests
  • Observing installation techniques during construction of foundations such as piers, piles, footings, mats and slabs
  • Observing and reporting of reinforcing steel being placed in concrete members (foundations, slabs, columns and walls) for the correct size and at the proper location/spacing
  • Observing the batching and placement operations for both precast and concrete fabrication to document the use of approved materials, techniques and procedures.
  • Structural steel observation by a Certified Well Inspector (CWI).